TURANDOT, "Nessun dorma"
This is temporary version of the film. The password is : turandot 

Collaboration film with Royal Opera house by Team Game of Turandot.

Sound/Editing/Prince inbetween : Miseon Bae Ibaeworld.creatorlink.net
Animatic : Nammi Eu vimeo.com/nammieu
Storyboard/Character design/Character part Animation : Eun Jee Lee
Set design/Background part Animation : Lucy Key lucykey.com
Produce/set assemble for river part/Prince inbetween/Editing : Yerim Park

Planning, Storyboarding(EunJee Lee) and animatic(Nammi Eu):
Camera testing with downloaded 3d models in sketch up (Lucy Key):
Background design and making (Lucy Key) : 
Created background elements(Lucy Key):

Artworks (Lucy Key):
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